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From the Kitchen to the Bathroom, from Outside to Inside, for People and Pets – Norwex empowers us to take our cleaning to the next level! Norwex was founded in Norway over 26 years ago and it has been helping transform our home as well as many others into safe havens. The mission is to reduce the use of harmful chemicals by providing effective, safe and sustainable cleaning and care products that enhance not only our lives but the lives of our animals, the environment around us and all the wildlife too!

  • Radically Reducing Chemicals
    • Very few of the world’s 85,000+ chemicals have been tested for their impact on human health! Over 700 man-made chemicals can be found in a typical adult human body and what could be worse, is that more than 200 of these chemicals have been found in the cord blood of newborn babies!
  • Revolutionary Microfiber & Water
    • The difference is in the details, Norwex microfiber when wet loosens and lifts the smallest, most stubborn dirt, grease and debris with harmful chemicals needed. And when Norwex microfiber is used dry it creates an electrostatic charge that picks up and holds everything – and we are talking 99% of all bacteria!
  • Natural, Power-Boosting Cleansers
    • Natural cleansers with plant and enzyme based ingredients work to break down stains and soils naturally with less environmental impact!
  • Quality Control
    • Norwex has an in-house Product Safety & Regulatory Team which is trained in toxicology. They also own their own research and development and manufacturing facilities, making sure all their products are safe and effective!
  • Dedication to Sustainability
    • Many Norwex microfiber products contain up to 70% recycled materials! They are packing more household products in OceanBound Plastic, reclaiming the plastic destined for the sea.
  • Helps the Earth & Your Budget
    • Buying less single-use disposables and plastics while still eliminating the harmful and chemical-laden cleansers can save you about $600 each year!
  • Mechanical Cleaning vs Chemical Cleaning
    • Norwex harnesses the physical power of their microfiber; a mere 1/200th the thickness of a human hair, it’s a superior blend of extra-dense and super-fine fibers which gives it unparalleled effectiveness and absorption qualities!
  • Exclusive BackLock Technology
    • Norwex products that have this amazing feature Self-Purify within 24 hours when wet! The BackLock micro silver antibacterial agent embedded in the cloth self-cleanses it – drastically reducing bacterial odour, mould and fungi, which means less laundry time!

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