Altruistic Acres’ Waterfowl

With webfeet, a bill and waterproof feathers ducks are truly a fun and enjoyable animal type to have around. Let’s first define the word “Duck” as it is sometimes used to mean all ducks, both male and female. At other times it means only the female waterfowl; such as mating a duck and drake.

Wonderful Waterfowl

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BlackSeasonally Available Seasonally Available
ChocolateSometimes AvailableSometimes Available
BlueSometimes AvailableSometimes Available
SilverNot Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Lavender/LilacRarely AvailableRarely Available
Ancona Ducks

Are excellent layers, typically laying 210-280 white, cream, or greeny-blue eggs yearly, averaging about 260. If you leave their eggs in the nest they will go broody and are generally good mothers. They have a laid-back and subtle social hierarchy, they are very accepting of all flock members, even the least dominant, youngest or even other breeds of duck are respected in the flock. Though mildly talkative, Anconas have very distinctive vocalizations and often make better watch-dogs than geese. They have various foraging calls along with softer chirps of numerous sounds for more private, tender moments. These guys have female leaders which makes perfect sense because the females have far higher nutritional needs than the drakes do. Being the foraging leader is a rather complex role and is usually given to the more confident, outgoing and watchful female, she may or may not be the dominant female and she won’t always be out in front. Because of this anconas get an early start on foraging when compared to other duck breeds that are drake or male led. Each Ancona’s pattern stays the same through it’s life and makes them easily identifiable in the flock.

BlackNot Available AnymoreNo Longer Breeding
Cayuga Ducks

Are a good laying duck breed producing 100-150 eggs per year. The egg shell colour is initially coal black, but as the season progresses it lightens to a very light greeny-grey colour. The shell colour itself is actually a dusty green colour; the black is deposited on the outside of the egg right before it’s laid, cool right? If you leave the eggs in the nest, you’ll find your Cayuga hen is a fairly reliable mother who will sit on and hatch her eggs more often than many domestic ducks are known for. This breed is prized for its quiet, docile personality and extreme hardiness. They are a fabulous first timer breed! Ducklings are coated in fuzzy black down that won’t show the classic iridescent green until the feathers come in.