Altruistic Acres’ Poultry

Wether you want a standard breed, a bantam breed, a fancy feathered breed, or a unique pet breed we got something for you! We raise only the best personalities, beautiful colours and gentle dispositions in our birds. However please keep in mind we do not have breeds nor do we focus on breeding high egg productive rates in our birds as we love our ornamental, flashy and friendly characteristics in all our bird breeds. These amazing breeds are great for backyard poultry enthusiasts, country farms and more!

Precious Poultry

Our Breeds :

  • Altruistic Barnyard Chickens
  • Gold Neck - Belgian D'Uccle (Bantam Chicken breed)
  • OEGB - Spangled (Bantam Chicken breed)
  • Polish Chickens - New variety coming soon!