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Wether you want a standard breed, a bantam breed, a fancy feathered breed, or a unique pet breed we got something for you! We raise only the best personalities, beautiful colours and gentle dispositions in our birds. However please keep in mind we do not have breeds nor do we focus on breeding high egg productive rates in our birds as we love our ornamental, flashy and friendly characteristics in all our bird breeds. These amazing breeds are great for backyard poultry enthusiasts, country farms and more! Chicken breeds with feathered legs like D’uccles, Silkies, Cochins etc. are actually born/hatched out with fluffy little legs and as their wing feathers develop so to do their leg feathers! Chickens with a large topknot of feathers like Polish, Silkies and crosses that include these breeds, have a “vaulted skull”. This is actually a defect in the skull. Vaulted skulls are more delicate than a normal skull. This skull deformation leaves a hole or very thin piece of bone over the brain leaving it largely unprotected. Skull issues are most noticeable in chicks and can been easily killed with head pecks of older birds, so extra care is needed when you have chicks of this type. These chicks with vaulted skulls can grow out of the problem as they age the hole can close up and do a better job protecting their brains. One unique characteristic of polish chickens is the dimorphic nature of the head crest. Polish hens have a dense, rounded ball of feathers on top of their heads ‘pompom’ while the roosters have a looser, wilder-looking crest that lacks the round edges ‘fireworks’.

Precious Poultry

Our Breeds :

Old English Game Bantam Chickens

~ new varieties coming soon

Belgian or Barbu D’Uccle Chickens

Gold Neck / Buff Mottle
Millie Fleur

Standard Polish Chickens

~ new varieties in the works

TeddyBear Chickens

~ a new breed in the works