Altruistic Acres’ Morgans

The Little Iron Horse : This is a strong and regal breed, most evidently shown in the proud yet elegant way with which it carries itself. The most overarching quality of the Morgan… is it’s temperament. Typically very eager to please handlers, this is an animated breed, with what some equestrians describe as wit and humour. Morgans are courageous and spunky, but they are well known for their loyalty and affection. In fact, the American Morgan Horse Association describes the Morgan as “the horse that chooses you,” and cites its most distinctive characteristic as its “charisma and companionableness“. Morgans have contributed qualities to breeds such as the Canadian, Saddlebred, Tennessee Walking Horse, American Standardbred and the American Quarter Horse! They tend to be extremely healthy and easy keepers, with no tendencies toward leg or foot problems. They eat less than many breeds and are an economical choice for all horse lovers. The original Morgan horse was said to have been able to out-walk, trot or pull any horse. Since the beginning of the breed, the Morgan has been the ultimate all-purpose horse, with a long resume of abilities. Smaller than many other full-size horse breeds, they average from 14.1 to 15.2 hands high. There is no strict standard regarding size so horses may be shorter or taller. This hardy breed enjoys a lifespan longer than most; with proper care and in the absence of accidents they easily live more than 30 years in good health! To learn more about the curly part of our Morgans, you check out the mini curlies page. In terms of allergies, first off let us state that a ‘non-allergenic horse’ does not exist, so please if you have a horse allergy do not impulse buy, visit a curly horse in person to make sure it’s a good fit for both you and the horse. Curlies are Hypoallergenic which by definition means these horses are significantly less likely to cause an allergic reaction when compared to other horses.

Magnificent Morgans

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Anfarra TayahPregnantFemale6/11/14Silver BayCMHA
Foundation Bred Morgans

AltruisticA BlondieLocksFemale8/8/15Silver PalominoICHO / CMHA
Curly Morgans