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“Be Silent, Observe and Listen – You’ll be Amazed at what you Learn.”

Breeds Information

Curly Miniature HorseMini CurliesNorth AmericaA class 34″ & under
B class over 34″ to 38″
Curly, Wave, SmoothEngaging, Animated, Kind25-35 yearsAll Colours & PatternsBand of Miniature HorsesICHO – International Curly Horse Organization
Curly PonyPoodle Ponies North AmericaA class (39″) 9.3 to 12.2 hands
B class 12.3 to 14.2 hands
Curly, Wave, SmoothAffectionate, Happy, Curious35-45 yearsAll Colours & PatternsString of PoniesICHO – International Curly Horse Organization
ABCR American Bashkir Curly Registry
Curly Morgan HorseLittle Iron HorseUSA14-15 hands averageCurly, Wave, SmoothSmart, Kind, Sensitive 35 yearsAll Solid Colours, new patterns added through curly lines Team of HorsesCMHA – Canadian Morgan Horse Association
ICHO – International Curly Horse Organization
Miniature DonkeyBeasts of BurdenMediterranean Islands36″ and underSoftIntelligent, Caring, Protective25-35 yearsVarying DunsPace of DonkeysADMS – American Donkey & Mule Society
CDMA – Canadian Donkey & Mule Association
Ancona DuckDalmation DucksUSA & UK5-6 lbsWaterproofActive, Sociable, Watchful8 yearsBlack, Chocolate, Blue, Lavender & Always
Paddling of DucksAPA – American Poultry Association
Miniature Silky Fainting GoatMini Fainting Silkies, Mini Myotonics North AmericaUnder 75 lbsShort n Smooth to Shaggy n LongSpontaneous, Cuddly, Goofy15 yearsAll Colours & PatternsHerd of Fainting GoatsMSFGA – Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Association
MGR – Myotonic Goat Registry

Breeds Characteristics

Special FeaturesPurpose
& Use
Curly Miniature HorseVeryFairly QuietHypoallergenicHighYesYesSmall Size, Hard HoovesDriving, Agility, Therapy, TricksRare
Curly PonyVeryFairly QuietHypoallergenic HighYesYesSplit Mane, Hard HoovesRiding, Driving, Agility, Therapy, TricksRare
Curly Morgan HorseVeryPretty QuietHypoallergenicFairly HighYesYesHigh Set Tail & Neck, Hard HoovesCarriage, Driving, Endurance, Dressage, Pleasure, Eventing, Equitation, Hunter/Jumper, In Hand, Show, Recreational, Trail, Working/Ranch, Western, Agility, Therapy, Tricks, etc.Critical & Rare
Miniature DonkeyVeryLoudLate SheddersHighCan be if raised with themYesWhip-like Tail, Large Ears, Hard HoovesDriving, Therapy, Guarding, TricksRecovering
Ancona DuckFairly LoudSelf MoltAverageYesYesPatterns of each bird never changeEggs & MeatThreatened
Miniature Silky Fainting GoatVeryFairly QuietRequires Seasonal BrushingFairly HighYesYesMyotonia Congenita, Parasite-ResistancePetUncommon

Breeds Care

(Per) Space
Our Feeds
Gestation or IncubationBabiesProductsSocial RatioAdaptability
Curly Miniature HorseHealthyHilly Scrub & Rocky Archipelagos 50-70 sq feetLimited Pasture, Grass hay, Spectrum grain, Beet pulp (no molasses) 47 weeks & 1 day1 foalHair1:3Very Hardy
Curly PonyHealthySparse Grasslands90-200 sq feetPasture, Grass hay, Spectrum grain, Beet pulp (no molasses)48 weeks & 4 days1 foalHair1:2Very Hardy
Curly Morgan HorseHealthyOpen Plains200-400 sq feetPasture, Hay, Beet Pulp, Spectrum Grain48 weeks & 4 days1 foaln/a1:1Very Hardy
Miniature DonkeyHealthyDesert Scrub60 sq feetGrass Hay, Beet Pulp (no molasses), Spectrum Grain51 weeks & 3 days1 foaln/a1:2Very Hardy
Ancona DuckHealthyRivers & Ponds6 sq feetWaterfowl feed, Corn, Bugs, Weeds, Kale & Grit/Oyster shell4 weeks13 averageEggs1:4Very Hardy
Miniature Silky Fainting GoatHealthyProtected Farmlands7 sq feetLegume hay, Clover, Spectrum goat grain, Alfalfa pellets, Fruits, Veggies 20 weeks & 5 days1-2 kidsn/a1:2Very Hardy

Behind every good animal is a BREEDER. I’m using capital letters to differentiate a good breeder from a production factory or a backyard breeder. When you select to buy an animal from a reputable and quality breeder, this breeder is responsible for the health of every animal; both animals owned and every baby they’ve sold for its lifetime. The truly passionate breeder who loves what they breed, puts their whole heart and soul into it. Not only in babies that are sold, but also in each client who owns a piece of their heart and now is a member of their extended family. This does not take into account any animal who might get sick or need extra help to thrive. Breeders worry about their babies after they leave and will take one back without question.