Wild Ass Acres Gilbert


Birthday: May 7, 2019

Siblings: 1 Buckling

Coat Type: Silky

Coat Colour: Tri-coloured

Eye Colour: Marbled Blue

Horn Type: Disbudded

Ear Type: Erect

Size: tbd

Percentage: 100% Myotonic / 100% Silky

Father: Bells Goats Patch (Tri-coloured)

Mother: San Sujo Blossom (White and Black)

Registered: MSFGA 8230 & MGR E1619

Stiffness Level: 3 out of 6

Gilbert’s confirmation is spot on and he has a really nice lustrous coat, he will be a great addition to our herd. He is a shy but sweet buck and we know Gilbert is capable of producing sensational offspring!

We are excitedly awaiting our first kids from him! Stay tuned!

Pedigree to be added