Altruistic-A’s Fonzarelli (pending)


Birthday: August 9, 2020

Siblings: None

Coat Type: Silky

Coat Colour: Cream with Countershading (black carrier)

Eye Colour: Brown

Horn Type: Horned

Ear Type: Erect

Size: tbd

Percentage: 75% Myotonic / 62.5% Silky

Father: Fainting Hearts Jasper (Cream and White)

Mother: Spring Gait Meadows Itsy Bitsy (White and Black)

Registered: MSFGA & MGR (pending)

Stiffness Level: 5 out of 6 (Animal walks relatively normally, although somewhat stiff in rear and with a swivel at the hip. Readily stiffens when startled or stepping over a barrier.)

The Fonze, Mr Fonzarelli or Fonzie, no matter what you call this baby he is a real diamond gem to us. He was the first kid to be born here and he still loves his people, hugs and snuggles… even though he doesn’t smell as good as he once did – LOL!

We are excited to watch him mature more!

Pedigree to be added