Altruistic-A’s Eddie Boy


Birthday: October 26, 2020

Siblings: 1 Buckling (Deceased)

Coat Type: tbd

Coat Colour: Gold and White

Eye Colour: Brown

Horn Type: Horned

Ear Type: Erect

Size: tba

Percentage: 50% Myotonic / 50% Silky

Father: Spring Gait Meadows Elvis (White and Black)

Mother: Holly (Gold and White)

Registered: tbd

Stiffness Level: tbd

Eddie is a very unique boy, a real goofball and show-off but also equally sweet and kind. This guy is a go-getter and loves to be busy!

He has already started to grow his plush bangs and we are excited to see his continued growth!

Pedigree to be added