Spring Gait Meadows Itsy Bitsy


Birthday: December 23, 2016

Siblings: 1 Buckling

Coat Type: Medium

Coat Colour: White and Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Horn Type: Disbudded

Ear Type: Erect

Size: tba

Percentage: 50% Myotonic

Father: In The Loop Fainters Whiskey (Brown and White)

Mother: Kissie (Black and White)

Registered: MGR D8786

Stiffness Level: 3 out of 6 (Stiffens only occasionally, and rarely falls.)

Bitsy was our first fainting goat, she is a quiet and rather secretive doe. We are so blessed that she was our first doe to kid, it was a smooth learning experience. She was a previously proven breeder before we acquired her and she has continued to be a marvelous mom with us.

To date Bitsy has produced 1 buckling for us.

Pedigree to be added