Altruistic Acres’ Goats

What is a Mini? Only documented animals with traceable registrations may be used to produce a mini dairy goat registrable in the Experimental, American or Purebred herdbooks. Also, Nigerian Dwarves must be purebred and registered with one of the ND registries.  Further generations of miniature dairy goats are created by crossing minis with other minis. First and second generations of correct miniature goats are registered as “Experimental.” Third through fifth generations that meet the breed standards and the 70/30 rule are registered as “American.” (For registration purposes they cannot be American or purebred unless they are under 70% of one breed.) Sixth generation, and beyond, are considered “Purebred” if they meet the breed standard. Understanding Mini Generations: A first generation (F1) is either a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf (ND) and a standard-sized doe (one of the recognized dairy breeds) OR a cross between a miniature dairy goat and a standard-sized goat or a Nigerian Dwarf. Any of these crosses result in a first-generation miniature dairy goat.  Breeding an F1 to another F1 creates a second generation (F2). F2 x F2 = F3, and so on.  The generation of the kid is always one generation higher than the lowest generation of a parent. For example, if you breed an F3 to an F1, the kid is an F2. Even if you breed an F6 to an F1, the kid will only be an F2!

Gorgeous Goats

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Spring Gait Meadows Itsy BitsyFemale12/23/16White n BlackMyotonic
Spring Gait Meadows ElvisMale7/15/19White n BlackMyotonic & MSFGA
Altruistic-A’s FonzarelliMale8/9/20Creamtbd
Altruistic-A’s Brooke-LynFemale10/20/20White n Blacktbd
JoeyAvailableMale10/20/20Black n Whitetbd
EddieAvailableMale10/26/20Red n Whitetbd
Miniature Silky Fainting Goats

These mini silky fainter goats are a “look” breed, it’s all about their shaggy appearance that is held in high regard. There is a premium value on the length and the consistency of the coat which includes the face, neck and body. Although most silky goats faint it is not a favoured breed characteristic and is also not a requirement. The Miniature Myotonic Goat however, sometimes called nervous goats, wooden-leg goats, scare goats or most commonly fainting goats are prized for their fainting characteristics. These goats have a muscle condition called myotonia congenita. This is an inherited trait that leads to an overall increase in muscle mass and stiffness. There are various levels of stiffness within the breed which randomly appear on kids, these vary from; never observed to stiffen to always moves stiffly to some degree and readily becomes locked up and/or falls over. It should be noted that Altruistic Acres doesn’t particularly breed for myotonia in the breeding program of Miniature Silky Goats but yes some of our goats do faint.

Miniature TBA