Altruistic Acres’ Birds

Poultry of Altruistic Acres

Chickens with a large topknot of feathers like the Polish have a “vaulted skull”. This is actually a defect in the skull. Vaulted skulls are more delicate than a normal skull. This skull deformation leaves a hole or very thin piece of bone over the brain leaving it largely unprotected. Skull issues are most noticeable in chicks and can been easily killed with head pecks of older birds, so extra care is needed when you have chicks of this type. These chicks with vaulted skulls can grow out of the problem as they age the hole can close up and do a better job protecting their brains.

Polish Chickens

One unique characteristic of polish chickens is the dimorphic nature of the head crest. Polish hens have a dense, rounded ball of feathers on top of their heads known as a ‘pompom’ while the roosters have a looser, wilder-looking crest that lacks the round edges giving it more of a ‘fireworks’ look.

Satin Silkies

Satin Silkies are a wonderful fluffy breed, we specialize in the white variety. These birds are a nice medium size with soft feathers and loving personalities.

Y Comb Bantams

In the Works!
The Y comb Bantams are a sweet new breed created by crossing bantam polish and the even tinier old english game bantams. We are planning on several beautiful colours. We have had people buy bantam chickens from us to keep in their homes as pets.

Indian peafowl are truly wondrous to watch as they parade around the farm. The peacocks are the most flashy with their huge mesmerizing tail fans. The peahens and peachicks are just as beautifully charming and lovely to observe as they forage and strut around.

Waterfowl of Altruistic Acres

These cute tiny domestic ducks are known first and foremost as an ornamental breed since their original purpose of being decoys for bird hunters is no longer required. However due to this history they can be very loud for their size. Call ducks come in a variety of colours including white, black, blue fawn, mallard, silver, apricot, magpie, ancona, pied, snowy and bibbed. Their friendly nature makes them excellent as pets. They are fair layers of about 50-150 eggs a year. 

Call Ducks