Vibrissa Cattery

Is registered with TICA and ARBC we are proud to bring the very rare Altai and relatively unknown Pantherina breeds to Canada. These new breeds are very rare cats and are both primarily known for their dominate blue eyed gene mutation (DBE). They are extremely difficult to get but we were blessed enough to be working with the creator of the Pantherina breed who is also a breeder of Altais from the Ukraine! The Altai cat breed standard was created in 2018, while the Pantherina breed standard was created in 2021.

Both breeds are still undergoing perfection, modifications and improvements to the breed standards and keeping the registry books open helps minimize inbreeding. The Altai book remains open to certain outside breeds until 2030, while the Pantherina book remains open until 2050. We have chosen to use our British Shorthairs / Bengals and Maine Coons to improve the breeds as we believe not only does this add to the physique and agility but also a loving temperament to best fit the overall standards of the two different breeds.

It is undesirable to cross two blue-eyed or odd-eyed cats as this can lead to deaf cats with a higher degree of white in the coat. Blue-eyed cats should be bred to non-blue-eyed variants, preferably to green-eyed variants. This produces strong and healthy offspring and a mix of blue-eyed, odd-eyed and green-eyed offspring. An oddity about this is that some cats have the DBE gene but do not exhibit the classic blue eyes, these cats are known as latents and can still produce blue-eyed offspring. All colours are allowed, including bicolour, although cats with as little white as possible are preferred. Solid white and colourpoint are not permitted in either breed.