Altruistic Acres’ Curly Ponies

Curlies have that can do attitude, sweet temperaments and enjoys working which when combined with selected ponies who are bred for a gentle and affectionate personality that is eager to please, the resulting foals are literally the best of both worlds! Naturally very gentle, many curlies do not have the same flight reaction of other breeds so when frightened they react more like a mule or donkey. They tend to assess, not flee, making them safer for all ages to be around. Curlies seem to bond with people and learn quickly, these traits make them good for children and novices. Small curly ponies are extremely versatile and excel in a variety of disciplines including driving, halter, jumping, obstacle and therapy. Curly horse people often get asked if their horse has the disease; Cushings… we’re going to quote International Curly Horse Organization in their description of what true curlies look like so you can compare the differences for yourself; “Curlies come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and all colors. The winter curls on different individuals can range from crushed velvet looking, to marcelle waves, to tight ringlets, to “french knot” microcurls. Manes and forelocks can be corkscrewed, ringletted, or dreadlocked. Tails may have some wave or curl. The hair in their ears is curly, the whiskers, eyelashes, and fetlocks are often curly or wavy. These curls are considered a hallmark of the breed, and most owners would never trim or clip them off. In summer, Curlies typically shed out to a slick coat, sometimes still appearing slightly wavy. Some Curlies keep strongly curled hair all year round, though not as thick or long, in the summer.” Curlies are Hypoallergenic which by definition means these horses are significantly less likely to cause an allergic reaction when compared to other horses. So what are you waiting for? Hop on the Curly Wagon with us and share in the Curly Experience now!

Perfect Curly Ponies

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HCR Miss Siboney Proudfoot
Female5/20/19Silver Sorrel RoanICHO
Section A Curly Ponies

AltruisticA BlondieLocks
Foal at SideFemale8/8/15Silver PalominoICHO & CMHA
Section B Curly Ponies