Altruistic Acres’ Curly Miniatures

Altruistic Acres’ goal is to develop calm and friendly miniature horses with curly coats. They’re great for kids to handle as their size makes them less intimidating for small children and also timid adults. Despite their size however, they are very strong and should be trained to be respectful and obedient, just like any other equine. We are dedicated to preserving the curly genes in our herds and helping continue and further research in the curly horse industry. Now let’s talk allergies, first off let us state that a ‘non-allergenic horse’ does not exist, so please if you have a horse allergy do not impulse buy, visit a curly horse in person to make sure it’s a good fit for both you and the horse. Curlies are Hypoallergenic which by definition means these horses are significantly less likely to cause an allergic reaction when compared to other horses. There are ongoing investigations and research into the specifics of these amazing curly genes and hopefully more is known in the future. Although mostly famous for being hypoallergenic, curlies have many other exceptional features. First, their coat has provided these horses with a unique heating and cooling system. Their thick winter coat repels rain and snow much more effectively than a ‘normal’ horse’s coat does. Once the warmer weather arrives they shed their heavy winter coats for a sleek fine summer coat. We are happy to say that we support the Curly Fiber Guild which uses curly horse hair for spinning, weaving etc. All their profits go into curly research efforts which we totally support! Curlies come in every colour and pattern imaginable making them a veritable rainbow in the equine world.

Marvelous Curly Miniatures

Click on a name to see their profile & photo… Our Stallions stand to approved Mares, inquire for more information.

Firesides What A Hot ShotStud Fee $850CurlyMale7/21/11Bay TobianoICHO
Bongo Lucys Little Pride LCGPregnant CurlyFemale5/18/12Smoky Black TobianoICHO
Sunnys Duchess Of Cameo LCGPregnantSmoothFemale6/29/13Silver Dunskin TobianoICHO
LCG Cameo’s GG of HopeCurlyFemale4/19/18Silver BlackICHO
AltruisticA God Created MeCurlyMale5/18/19Smoky Black Tobianotba
AltruisticA Prayers AnsweredCurlyFemale7/17/19Silver Grulla Tobianotba
Curly Miniature Horses

These Miniatures are currently part of our downsizing mini breeding program and it must be noted these are NOT curlies!

Nixons Hill Komokos KaramellaFemale4/24/06Chestnut TobianoAMHA / AMHR
Jones’ Ain’t He Decked Out In BlueStud Fee $1000Male6/17/07Black Tobiano – GrayAMHA / AMHR
Ador-Me’s Victoria RoseFemale5/20/13Gold Champagne TobianoAMHR / ICHR
TaliaPregnant Female2015Silver Splash Flaxen Sorrel with PangaréGrade
Ador-Me’s Secret A-Gent ManMale4/22/19Amber Champagne ApploosaAMHA / AMHR / ICHR
Kai Lee’s Voguish TreasureFemale5/13/19PalominoAMHR
Hale Farms Vegas ShowstopperAvailable
Male6/19/19Palomino AppaloosaAMHA / AMHR
Kai Lee’s Pamukkale TraveritinesFemale7/10/19CremelloAMHA / AMHR
Altruistic Acres Knot CreariveFemale6/3/20Black Tobianotba
Miniature Horses