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Ashley Lascelles

Becoming a Breeder – The Journey

It is an animal breeder’s goal to try to promote valuable traits when planning their breedings. But that’s just the beginning of a long and rewarding journey! Animal breeders use their knowledge of genetics and conformation to select breeding stock that will produce even better quality offspring in their chosen field, like show, sport, companion etc.

The usual duties for animal breeders include but are not limited to facilitating breedings by live cover or artificial insemination (AI), assisting with difficult births, maintaining pastures and enclosures, feeding, administering supplements or medications, treating injuries and keeping detailed health and pedigree records. Altruistic Acres also likes to research wild habitats and behaviours of animals and their relatives in the hopes of creating the most natural lifestyle as possible for our breeding stock types. 

Animal breeders often work in conjunction with veterinarians to maintain proper health of the breeding stock and their offspring. Depending on the animal types, different vets maybe required like large and/or small animal veterinarians. Breeders may also show their stock in a variety of judged breed shows and competitive events. By doing this, companion animals and livestock breeds may gain additional value as breeding stock if they demonstrate their superiority on the show circuit. 

In short to be a successful animal breeder you must be a jack-of-all-trades with some knowledge of anatomy, physiology, reproduction, genetics, nutrition, and behaviour of each type of animal in their program. And lastly, breeders are encouraged to use discretion when selecting animals for breeding purposes and to not allow inferior representatives of the species to contribute to the gene pool. Superior progeny will enhance an animal breeder’s reputation and ensure their continued success… and most importantly the animals themselves thrive with healthier genes and quality care, which strengthens the breed as a whole.