How Altruistic Acres operates?

     * Altruistic Acres is family run and oriented with an emphasis on learning because you never know enough. We are always expanding our ever growing knowledge on a variety of subjects and topics and we hope that you can share and grow with us as we go through this ever changing world of ours. We always enjoy the upgrades and changes made to our facilities to constantly improve the look, functionality and maintenance of everything at Altruistic Acres. We are not afraid to state that we make mistakes sometimes but we’re human and that’s just what we do, but God is here with us and with him all bad things He can turn into something good, and we are eternally grateful to Him.

What Altruistic Acres strives to provide?

    * Altruistic Acres’ goals are to provide as natural an environment for animals as possible to encourage vitality, health and longevity in our breeding stocks, which is an ever growing and evolving process. It’s important to us that all our animals produce the best quality and strongest offspring possible. Another mission of ours is to share God’s creatures and His Word with everyone and also to give back to the earth. It is damaged and requires love, care and attention to maintain itself until He returns again.

When Altruistic Acres is open?

      * Altruistic Acres is open by appointment only! Please note that we are usually very busy and it may take some time before we can get back to you. We are hoping to have some fun events in the future, these will be added eventually to Our Neck of the Altruistic Woods page.

Where Altruistic Acres is located?

       * Altruistic Acres is a breeding farm located in Ariss Ontario, which is just north of Guelph – a quiet but well located area situated on 16 fabulous acres, with a large pond, a small forest and open fields it truly is a dream come true! We are proudly Canadian and excited to share our dreams with the whole world as we continue grow!

Ashley Lascelles
Altruistic Acres Founder

Who Altruistic Acres is?

     * Altruistic Acres was founded by Ashley Lascelles, a bible believing Christian Creationist and with the support of her family she is determined to support rare and threatened breeds in Canada. Even though this is a new venture we are overjoyed to have on hand many friends of Altruistic Acres that share their wealth of knowledge and experience with us and support us in our growth. We thank God for providing us with these amazing people, the wonderful animals and the opportunity for us to learn. Altruistic Acres is our little blessed piece of heaven here on earth – and we are so grateful!

Why Altruistic Acres Chose the Breeds it did?

     * Altruistic Acres has done an extensive amount of research on each breed. Finding a purpose to continue those breeds was so easy as you will see when reading about their temperaments, we don’t want any of these animals to ever be extinct. The hunt to find dedicated breeders to share knowledge and stories with and have the opportunity to make new friends is always a treasure we hold dear to our core at Altruistic Acres. Whether breeding for livestock conservation, preserving the breed or creating a brand new breed Altruistic Acres is in for the long haul. It is a standard here that all animals have the best lives possible!

So Let’s Talk Sales…

     * Altruistic Acres may change prices and terms without notice. We reserve the right to refuse any sales. All animals are sold “as is” with no warranties implied or expressed. Check with us as sometimes older animals maybe available and just not listed. Cost of Export Certificates are the responsibility of the buyer. Any requested vaccinations and vet checks are the responsibility of the buyer also. Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer however will can provide buyers with information on transporters we have used in the past upon request. Altruistic Acres reserves the right to determine what qualities make an animal qualify as a fancy. A non-refundable deposit is required to hold any animal.  All animals must be paid in full and funds must clear our bank prior to shipment. Package discounts are available, check out our site and see what we have available – you never know what we will part with!